Top 10 Best Android Emulator for Windows 10 {UPDATED 2019}

Do you use Windows 10 but you want to download the android apps and games in it? If you are looking for the same, then you have landed on the right place because here, we are sharing the top 10 Android emulators for Windows 10.

Android Emulator for Windows

We have personally used these emulators for you and then made the list for you to choose. All of them are well efficient and you can use any of them from the list.

So without wasting the time, let us read the top 10 Best Android emulators for Windows 10 here-

Best Android Emulator for Windows 10

1. BlueStacks

Starting from the most used android emulator for Windows, you can download BlueStacks for your Windows 10. It is also comparatively an older emulator which was founded 8 years ago. Be it for using for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10, it is one widely used emulator and not to forget the fact that it is also 100% free of cost.


If you are looking for an android emulator through which you can virtualize the full android experience, then you really should go for BlueStacks rather than any other emulator from the list.

It can be considered on first thought if you are looking to play the android games on your Windows PC. However, it does not mean that it is not suitable for other purposes.

You can use it all over. The interface of this emulator is quite an easy and user friendly so even a normal user can use it easily.

2. Xamarin Android Player

Even though this Xamarin Android Player is not the popular emulator from the list, it is a good one. You can download this emulator for downloading and using the Android based apps and games on your Windows PC.

It is free of cost and very easy to use. It is made on the purpose to serve the not so advanced users also. Hence, it is made with a very friendly interface.

Xamarin Android Player

It will run well on your PC and according to the tests made on this Android emulator, this one is also a total bug-free emulator. It will make you use the apps smoothly without any hassle as well.

Be it Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, it will work with all of them as it supports all the versions of Windows. So even if you are not looking for an android emulator for Windows 10 but 8, you can use it.

The emulator comes in two versions. One is 32 bit version and the other one is 64 bit version. You can download and use both of them for free of cost. This emulator is made by focusing on the developers mostly. However, even if you need it for the basic usage, you can use it. It is also free of cost.

3. Andy

Andy is the new name in the list of best 10 Android emulator for Windows 10. However, it is also a good one. Initially, it use to be little buggy, but with time, the issues got fixed and how you can use it without any such issue or hassle.

Andy Android Emulator

It is now a total bug free emulator. If you will download it, it will automatically do the rest of the things and hence you do not need to keep yourself indulge in the procedure.

They have also done the partnership with other companies like opera. By using this emulator, you can play the games on your PC through your mobile phone.

It also has got the ARM support and has the ability to install the apps directly by using the desktop browser. It can also connect to the Mac or Windows PC with your Android apps for the storage, launching and the push notifications. It is totally free of cost and you can use it as much as you want without any hassle.

4. MeMu

MeMu is another good android emulator in the list of top 10 Android emulator for Windows 10. But if you are looking for an emulator which can be used for gaming, go for MeMu as it has been created on the purpose of gaming. It supports Intel chipsets, AMD, KitKat, Android Jelly Bean and Lollipop.

MeMu Android Emulator for PC

This emulator will run on every computer regardless of what it supports. It is indeed a powerful emulator. The installation of the APK file of this android emulator is comparatively faster than the other emulators. Also, you can watch the live shows and TV channels through the emulator.

It is suitable for running almost every kind of android app and game on Windows 10. The interface is really easy and the layout is decently designed one. You can use it easily in your Windows PC for downloading the Android apps and games easily.

Apart from this, there is GPS location simulation also available. You can share files between your Windows to Android device.

5. Nox

Nox is again a big name here. You can easily download this android emulator into your Windows PC and download the Android apps and games and enjoy it on the bigger screen easily.

However, it becomes laggy sometimes. But if we see it overall, this emulator is indeed one of the best emulator to mention here. If you are looking for downloading the games, it will give you some extra additional features which might interest you as the emulator is also free of cost.

Nox Android Emulator for PC

You can also get the support for computer’s keyboard and the mouse which you might not see in any other emulator. This service is not just limited to the Computer but to the gamepad also.

One good thing about the emulator is that it does not come with any software. So you do not need to download any additional software too for using this emulator.

You can use it just by downloading it only. Nox offers to download the games and apps for free of cost. So yes, over all, it has a good impression.

6. GenyMotion

GenyMotion is the best android emulator if you are developing the android games. You can easily download it for free of cost and download the android apps ans games.

It helps in emulating the apps and games on different android devices. You even don’t need to own those devices for using it which makes it better from the other emulators in the list.

GenyMotion Android Emulator for PC

It is the best android emulator for the developers for sure. By using this one, you can experience on how the games and app work in such an environment. You can also make a setup of various version of android devices using this emulator.

If you are a developer, it is indeed a great choice for you. However, if you are looking for a normal user, we do not recommend you to use it as it might look tough for you to use it.

But for the developers, it is the best choice they can have. For having a good idea, it is just the opposite of AMIDuOS.

7. Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is also among those new android emulators from which we are not very familiar. However, they are good too. Through this emulator, you can play multiple games at the same time.

So if you are looking for a multi tasking Android emulator, this one is the best one for you. Also by using this emulator, you can also run the games and android apps in multiple windows on your Windows PC.

Remix OS Player android emulator for pc

Remix OS Player is based on Android Marshmallow which concludes that you can also enjoy the current games and apps of Androids through this tool.

This android emulator is completely free of cost and you can download it for free too. You can also play and update it whenever the new update is available.

There are some recommendation for this tool which should be in the System so that it will support the system. The windows operating system should be 7 or later version with 4GB RAM, Core i3 or later and 8GB storage. The emulator comes in an exe.file so it won’t be an issue in downloading the same.

8. Droid4x

Droid4x is also a good and newly launched android emulator. It has been proven to the be best choice for simulating the android on your system.

The emulator has been updating and improving their self since the time it was launched. The one good thing about this emulator is the add-ons which make the worth of the emulator more.

Droid4x android emulator for pc

It is also free of cost and you can use it for downloading the android games and apps on your Windows PC. It is compatible with the versions of Windows. It also comes with a pre installed Google Play store so that you can simply search any game or app you want to download and play.

This emulator has no competition in gaming and stability. It works the best in both the things and also, you can install any app on your android phone and you can control it on your PC via your device. Since it is free and a lag free tool, we recommend you to use it for downloading the Android apps.


AMIDuOS is an emulator which works good for the users and not the developers. Just like we have mentioned it above too, if you are a developer and looking for an android emulator for the testing purpose, this might not be the best choice.

However, if you are looking for a random use, it will be the best choice. It has two versions, Jelly Bean and Android Lollipop. Both are good but since this emulator is not the free one unlike other android apps, the Jelly Bean version will cost you $10, however, the Lollipop version will cost you $15.


But since it is not free of cost, you will be paying for using an android emulator. It is a good choice if you are looking for doing the variety of tasks. However, if not, you don’t need to pay as there are many more good options available too. But if you are looking for a paid one, it is the best choice for the normal usage of the android emulator.

10. Windroy

Last but not the least, Windroy is no new name in this list. It has some unique features which makes it special and different from the other emulators mentioned. This emulator runs by using the Windows Kernel.


Since it is a lightweight one, it is easier than the most of the emulators mentioned in this article. It is good for both the apps and games. So if you are looking for a normal usage of downloading the apps and games to your Windows 10, you can use it.

It also supports the Play Store which makes your work easy. Because of the easy interface, it is easy to use emulator and that is the reason why people choose this emulator over the other emulators. It is also free of cost and you can install it into your Windows PC for free. Over all, it is a good and recommended emulator.


So these were the list of 10 best Android emulator for Windows 10. You can easily use these emulators if you crave for using the android apps or games in your Windows 10 PC.

Most of them are free here so you do not need to pay for using it.

However, it is must to read the specifications of the emulator before installing it because you must know the usage and to whom it does the emulator suits the best.

So if you have any query, questions or complaints, please feel free to write in the comment section and we will try our best to get back to you. Till then, Happy installing.


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