Avast Secureline VPN Review {Pros & Cons}

If you keep some knowledge of VPN, you must know Avast SecureLine VPN which is one of the security product from Avast. As this VPN has got many benefits, there are some demerits too which can make it difficult for a person to choose if they should go for this VPN or not.

So to make this work of yours easier, we have come up with a genuine and honest review of Avast SecureLine VPN. Let us read it and know if it is worthy to use this VPN or not.

To make your understanding easier here, we will go part by part. So starting from the starting, let us know what actually this Avast SecureLine VPN is.

Avast VPN Review

What is Avast SecureLine VPN?

Offered by an award-winning cybersecurity company, Avast SecureLine VPN is a part of the security features only. The company is based out of the Czech Republic and has their offices in different 13 countries with almost more than 430 million monthly users.

It is enough to know how big this company is as compared to the other VPN provider companies.

If you are looking for a VPN from the Avast’s products only, you might get disappointed initially as it can be disabled from the client interface after which you will be getting a seven day free trial of the VPN.

All over, it is considered as a great VPN as it doesn’t have any security issues, it will get into the Netflix without any issue, and has a good server too. All over, there are many features which work well in this VPN.

But yes, we can not also deny the fact that you can avail all of such features for some less money too.

However, if you are looking for a bigger security package, you can consider this VPN as it will become an economical option then instead of buying it separately.

But yes, consider this fact too that its company would not give you the options for using on the multiple devices with a good technical configure ability, security, and speed. If your window is slow and wants to boost your window speed then read How to Optimize Windows 10 For Gaming.

Now to know more about the VPN, let us also know its pros and cons.

Pros of Avast VPN

Now if you are in a favor of downloading and installing the VPN into your PC and use it, you must know the benefits of using this VPN.

What we have personally noticed is that if you are a traveler, you must go for this VPN because it will not have any issue in the settings and it will also never slow down your connections to the speed. So now, let us read the pros of the VPN.

1. You can use it on many devices

While using many VPN, we have figured out the fact that most of the providers only provide protection for either PC or Mac. However, This Avast SecureLine VPN will work in all your devices. Be it your PC, Mac computer, iOS device or any android one, it will support every device.

Use Avast VPN on many devices

It is a really helpful thing because it can help you in protecting your data and information safe when you are traveling too. It is important for securing your mobile and other devices.

2. Simple Interface

The interface of a VPN matters a lot. It should be easy and user-friendly so that a random person can use it without being too much into technical stuff.

Avast VPN Interface

To connect to the server, you just need to simply click a button and based on your location where you are currently living, you can even app try to figure out the optimal server location.

It won’t be an issue if you are traveling and using this VPN as it will not bog down your device’ s performance.

3. Geographically Diverse Servers

They don’t have a huge number of servers but definitely a geographically diverse server over the six different continents. They have more than 25 servers location which are in different 21 countries.

Out of the total number of 29 servers they have in different countries, seven servers are in the cities of US like Miami and Seattle. If you are a traveler, you will know how slow the WIFI of hotels and public connections can be and how irritating the experience will be for you so it’s advisable to keep a VPN which does not lower your speed.

4. Minimal Interference

Anything which makes the interference in your own work doesn’t impress much and this is the plus point with Avast SecureLine VPN. The app doesn’t interfere at all.

It will take a really less space on your computer to get installed and it will not interfere with your existing files. It will hardly take some seconds to download and install the app and use it.

You will never realize that you have installed anything while using this app. One more good thing is that it won’t slow down the computer or your mobile phone. So without thinking much about your device and how it can become difficult for you, you can use it.

5. Very easy to use app

If you are looking for the easiest VPN ever, you should go for this Avast secureLine VPN for sure. It has a very decent interface and with clean security tools which can make things easy for anyone.

Once you make your purchase, you can easily download and start using it by the code which they will give you via your mail to activate.

6. Customer Support

Now it is difficult to mention this thing as a pro because it differs person to person. We really can not judge any individual’s experience on the basis of the VPN and their services.

Customer Support

But according to the policies and the other companies, Avast seems easy for the customer support with fairly good customer support from the team. The only thing is here that they do not prefer phone support.

You can get in touch to them via email and they will reply you back.

Cons of Avast VPN

Now here, we have learned about the pros of the app and they were kind of satisfying till now. But it is important to know the cons of the VPN too so that we can judge which are more and which VPN is a good choice. So let us read the cons here.

1. Restricted Licensing and the Pricing

Avast VPN is considered as one of the costliest VPN. And since the last year, they also have improved their pricing structure again. Earlier, we needed to make the purchase of the separate license for every year however now, they have made the work easier by introducing the single plan and the multi-device plan.

Restricted Licensing and the Pricing

Even though it is a big improvement for the users as they do not need to make the purchases, again and again, it is also a major threat if we see it from the user’s perspective.

The prices are slightly high and even for the multi-device plans, the deals are not very suitable as you can get a much better option in less price.

2. Download Speed

Talking about the speed part of your VPN, it will make the situation worse because this VPN does not really have a good download speed. Overall, this VPN would not be a smart choice if you are looking for an efficient Download speed.

3. Lacking Features

One more drawback of this VPN is that they do not give you any control. There is no feature in the app to control except the preference of the server you want to connect to.

It might become difficult to use it in such conditions where you do not have any control over the VPN. It also does not have extra features like ad blocking, port forwarding, kill switches which helps in your privacy and giving protection.

4. No of server location

As we have mentioned above, Avast is good in maintaining the geographically diverse set of location. However, they do not keep a good number in the choices of countries.

There are only a few countries where the server is found. As of now, there are only 19 countries. However, considering it as a cons would not be fair but if you are living in a country where the servers are not found, it is a major downfall for you.

5. Monitoring and traffic Logging

Even though VPN provides enough security so that anyone can surf any site anonymously, the VPN does not provide traffic logging. As per the VPN’s policy.

if you are traveling and you suddenly get to know that the app wants to investigate your internet activity due to some reasons, the app can do it. However this will not become unsafe for you but yes, it can be considered as a cons.

Now we have already gathered the pros and cons of the VPN and understood it from a different perspective. However, now, we need to  see the VPN from different categories including the pricing, customer support, supported device and etc to know better. Let us proceed.

6. Pricing

The pricing structure of Avast is there in the website. However, it might become confusing for you. Now suppose, that you want to buy the basic plan of VPN of single operating system for $59.99 or you can add an extra operating system for some more money.

According to the plan, for a desktop or maybe a mobile device, it will cost you around $79.98. If you are using it for two devices, suppose one for PC and another one for Mac, it will cost you $99.98.

These prices are very costly as compared to the other competitive VPN providers. You can still go for some cheaper option with some better features.

However, there are some VPNs like ExpressVPN and VyprVPN which are even more expensive but it is because they are way too better than Avast SecureLine VPN. You can go for some better options according to your requirements with the VPN.

7. Supported Devices

Avast runs on many systems like Windows 7 ( with some restrictions about which you can read in their FAQ), Mac OS X 10.9.x(Mavericks), Android devices and iOS devices.

However, it does not work on any other mobile operating system neither on Linux. You can use it on five devices if all of them are of the same platform.

But if you have purchased a license for iOS, it will be valid for the iOS devices only. According to this, you really can not use the five simultaneous connections feature unless you have all the iOS devices only. This is something which you generally will not see in any other VPN.

8. Customer Service

For using the technical support from the staff, you will need to pay something extra to the VPN providers. Yes, this is very unusual because we have not witnessed such condition on any other provider as of now.

If you will pay, they will help you through the calls and not the email or any messenger. If you deny paying for the call, you will be relying on the FAQ and user forum of the site.

Do We Recommend This VPN?

So now, after going through the article, you must have waited long for this part. So the answer is simple and that’s a NO, We do not recommend you to buy this VPN.

Even though the company provides good services which are easy to use, there are many negative points to consider also. One of the biggest reason is also the fact that it doesn’t work with Netflix. Now to stream over a VPN, everyone would love to use Netflix but this VPN does not provide it.

Not forgetting the pricing too, it makes it too difficult and complicated. Yes, the prices are too high and you can really have a better option in a less price and who doesn’t want to save money?

It’s surely not the worst VPN but also not a very good one. It has good features but for an unbearable price so you really can have a look at the better options here.

Even though the pros I have mentioned are more than the Cons of the service provider but the Cons are really the major points which can not be neglected.

So here we gave our genuine review of using Avast SecureLine VPN. Please let us know your opinions or experiences about the same in the given comment sections.

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