Top 10 Best free VPN for Android 2019

82% people use Android smartphone only. More than iOS or Windows, people use Android more. Most of the people use anti-virus software, but still there are many people who prefer VPN to keep their phones safe from unsecured WI-FI networks.

Through a VPN, you can also stream your preferred shows just by changing the IP Address.

Nowadays, VPN’s are being very common. People have more choices in the Free VPN only. We have here shortlisted the list of best free VPN for Android. But before going in details, let us read what actually a VPN is.

What is a VPN?

There are many countries where some websites are banned or restricted. They can not use those websites from their country directly.

Best VPN For Android

However, if they use a VPN which is an abbreviated form of Virtual Private Network, they will be able to surf the sites anonymously. People who wants to access some website or/ app which is blocked by ISP firewall can use VPN and surf the site.

Let us understand it with a help of an example. There are some countries who have no access to some commonly used websites like Facebook and Google, but it does not mean that they can not use these websites.

They use it through a VPN which helps in hiding their original IP address and let them visit a site with a distinct secure network.

Advantages of Using a VPN

  1. VPN lets you surf the internet anonymously. You don’t need to reveal your identity for surfing a site.
  2. You can change your IP address to a different region too if you want to use a site where a site is not restricted.
  3. There will be no logs and no trace of browsing and in downloaded history.
  4. It also breaks all the firewalls.
  5. It will also boost up the internet downloading and uploading speed as well.
  6. Through a VPN, you can really use an internet safe and securely without leaking your personal information.

Indeed, there are so many VPN available on Google Play Store but not everyone can be used for free of cost and nor every VPN is worth using and hence, we have come up with the list of top best free VPN for Android.

All you need to do is to do is to scroll down and read the article till the last and choose your free VPN from the list.

Best free VPN for Android

1. Turbo VPN

Starting from the most used VPN, Turbo VPN is one of the most amazing free VPN available for Android users. It will secure your phone from leaking any personal information on internet.

Turbo VPN

It also refreshes the proxy list daily so that you can get the memorable experience of using Turbo VPN. It is really easy to use VPN. You don’t need to put any extra effort.

It will also connect automatically if they see any higher speed network available. Apart from this, cloud proxy are also available to connect to the internet in a faster speed. It also unblock the un-accessed sites without any hassle.

2. Hotspot shield VPN proxy

Hotspot shield VPN proxy is one of the most downloaded VPN app of this world. It has more than 300 million downloads. It not only helps in keeping your data safe or letting you access those websites which are restricted in your country/ region.

Hotspot shield VPN

It also provides banking level HTTP encryption which helps in securing the WIFI connection so that your outgoing data will be protected from the eavesdroppers. Indeed, these features makes this VPN eligible to download in your device and use it.

3. Psiphon

If you are looking for the easiest VPN available for android users, then you really need to use Psiphon which is an android VPN and will let you access the restricted websites without any hassle by providing you a different IP Address.

Psiphon VPN

It is also free of cost and you can really use it for free. All you need to do is to download this VPN and install it into your device and everything will become easy. You can then surf any site easily.

4. Proton VPN

In the list of best free VPN for android, Proton VPN is the one which can be used for free of cost in one device only. For using it in multiple device, you need to get a paid subscription of the same.

This VPN focuses on user’s privacy. It also helps in passing user traffic by their secure core network in privacy friendly countries too. For example, countries like Iceland and Switzerland.

Proton VPN

It then redirect to the countries where you want to connect to. This VPN operates 112 remote servers in different 14 countries including  Hong Kong, UK, Canada, USA, Australia and many more.

The company is based out of Switzerland which is one of the strictest country of the world. This VPN also does not keep a log of user’s browsing history. It also helps in integrating with Tor anonymity network which allows the user to acces the online sites with just one click.

5. Touch VPN

This VPN is used for protecting your WIFI connection so that nobody can crack any of your information through your phone and misuse it at all.

It is a VPN everyone must use it once at least as it is for a free of cost VPN for android users. You can also activate the stealth mode so that your phone’s identification will become anonymous.

Touch VPN

Compared to the other VPN apps, it is faster and also does not need a lot of memory space to download. As it is 100% free, you don’t need to add your credit card details to use it.

It is also very easy to use VPN where the support is available 24*7. The bandwidth and the usage is unlimited and it will secure your data well.

6. NordVPN

NordVPN is again one of the commonly used VPN. It will encrypts all your data, plus it also does not keep a log of your browsing data which is a major benefit for the user.

Nord VPN

If you use a free version of the app, it will be free of cost for you. However, the paid subscription is also available of this VPN. If you use a premium account, it will secure more than 5 devices which is not just limited to Android but macOS, Android, iOS and windows devices too. By using this VPN, you can be sure that your data is 100% encrypted and safe.

It also gives very fast connection speeds too as it has its server worldwide. The company actually runs more than 4k remote servers in different 62 countries. Some of the countries where are largest number of servers are available are Canada, Germany, France, Sweden, UK, USA and Netherlands.

7. Super VPN

Now talking about one more android VPN through which you can unblock all the restricted websites without any need of signing up or registering yourself, SuperVPN is one which is also a free of cost VPN.

You also don’t need to root your device for using this VPN. Just like the above-mentioned VPN, it also has unlimited bandwidth and speed.

Super VPN

You can completely rely on this app for surfing internet with a protection without leaving any mark behind. It also make sure to encrypt the internet traffic and is really easy to use app.

For using this VPN app, you need to install, open and connect to surf the browser and internet without leaving a mark behind. It will be 100% safe and your identity will be anonymously.

You can use the app for free and by paying for it also. It has both the unlimited trial version and the premium version too.

8. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN for android users throughout the world. Not even once but it has been picked as the editor’s choice many times. It offers more than 145 connections from the 90 different locations.

The location of this VPN also includes the countries such as UK, Canada, USA, Australia and many more. It is a very lite app in size which would helps you to hide the identity of your device from the rest of the world.

Express VPN

If you use this VPN, no history logs will be recorded here. The support staff of this VPN is really coperative and will be there always to help you with your issues.

Here, the Tor browser will be available to surf the sites from various places. Through this VPN, you can surf different sites of internet and also access blocked websites without getting the fear of being caught by anyone. Indeed, it is the best VPN you can use for free of cost.

9. Betternet VPN

If you are looking for completely free VPN for your android device then go for Betternet VPN because Betternet VPN is one of those few VPN services which are completely free of cost and does not even contains ads to irritate you.

Betternet VPN

It will help you in accessing the blocked websites and the region locked content through routing the IP Address.

The best part of this VPN is that they are very transparent with the fact that how they make money. They simply make it by offering the free app suggestions and also showing the video before you connect to the service.

It has a very limited number of servers around the globe. It includes countries like Netherlands, Japan, USA, UK and Canada. If you are not from these countries, then you are going to suffer due to the network speed.

You can use the premium version if you want some extra features however, there is actually no need to use it as most of the features are available for free of cost only.

This VPN also encrypts the connection, changes your location, gives your enough privacy and anonymity online and marks your IP address.

10. Windscribe

Last but not the least, Windscribe is also one of the very good VPN service which allows to unlock the geo- restricted content and also browse the web privately.

This VPN also offers one of the largest server coverage of all the VPN services. It has servers covering around 100 cities in different 52 countries all around the globe which is indeed an excellent thing for network speeds.

Windscribe VPN

The service encrypts your browsing activities, blocks the ads and also stop the online tracker from tracking you. One more good thing about this VPN is that it also never lets anyone record your browsing data or leaks your DNS information.

You can use this VPN in one tap only. It is very easy to use this VPN and also allows users to connect to their service without any hassle.

One more feature which makes Windscribe extra ordinary is that it also helps in preventing hackers from stealing your date when you use any public WIFI.

It will secure your connection so that nothing can be hacked. So if you are looking for a good free VPN for your android device, then you can easily use this VPN for your android phone and surf the internet without any worry.

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So these were the top 10 best free VPN you can use in your android device for free of cost and use the internet sites which are restricted in your region/ country without any issue. These VPNs are the free and easy to use VPN which you can use in one click only.

If you have any query/questions or suggestions, please write to us and let us know how can we help you. We are always happy to help you.

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