Top 10 Best iOS Emulator for PC 2019

We people always crave for something extra, something more. When we have an android phone, we crave for iOS apps and when we have an iOS app, we crave for android apps.

So if you are someone among those who have a Windows PC/ Laptop but want to experience the iOS app in your Windows PC, then you have landed on a right place. Here, we are discussing the best iOS Emulators for PC.

When we started our research for the best emulators for PC, there were many emulators but most of them were hard to use and confusing as well. Hence, we tried downloading and using all the emulators in our PC and then came up with the list here.

Through these emulators, you can even enjoy those apps and games which are only apple device restricted on your Windows system. For using these emulators, you will need a Windows PC and you can emulate your favorite iOS apps to your Windows PC without any issue.

Now before moving directly to the list of top 10 best iOS Emulators for PC, let us now read what actually an emulator is and how does it work. Let’s start from the basics.

What is an iOS Emulator?

We all have heard the word Emulator. But there are many people who does not know what actually an emulator is. So for their information, an Emulator is a virtual or let’s say a software program which will emulate the apps and games to run on any platform based on the specialization of the emulator.

ios emulator for windows

Let us now understand the same with the help of an example. Suppose that you have a Windows PC and you want to play super Mario game. Now since you can not play the game without console, it will become a difficult task for you to run the game in your Windows PC.

However, with the help of an iOS Emulator, you can play the game. It will create an iOS environment on your Windows PC so that you can run it without even using any apple device.

Now let us see the advantages and the disadvantages of an iOS Emulator so that it will become easy for you to know how to use the emulator. Let’s start with the advantages first.

Benefits of iOS Emulator

  1. You can use an iOS emulator in your Windows PC for free of cost without spending anything on it.
  2. The iOS Emulator does not only work in Windows system but many other platforms such as Linux, Android, Mac OS and iOS too.
  3. You can use the emulators for the testing purpose. It can be done without running on any particular operating system.

Demerits of an iOS Emulator

  1. It will not work on running a high end game on an iOS Emulator.
  2. These emulators generally consumes a lot of RAM. It might become a major disturbance for you when you will be working on other apps.

List of iOS Emulator for PC

1. iPad Stimulator

Starting from the very first and one of the commonly used emulator, iPad Stimulator is one of the best cloud iOS emulator for Windows. Initially, it use to work on Google Chrome however, due to some issues, it is not removed from Chrome Webstore.

Ipad stimulator

This emulator will allow you through the help of Siri and iMessage. You will be needing some physical iPads too as from this extension, you will get all the functionality.

This extension also allow the users to use all the apps. The compatibility of this emulator is with Windows and chrome. If you want to save the iOS apps in cloud storage for permanently, you can simply drag and drop the iOS apps to this iPad stimulator from the Windows PC.

2. iPadian

iPadian is one of the most common emulator for Windows PC which would allow you to access the iOS in your Windows PC. This emulator is developed using an Adobe Air.

i padian

It is also available for free of cost and hence, you can download and install it into your PC. This app is compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux. The interface of this emulator is very similar with the iPad and an iPhone.

You can experience it when you will use iPadian. You can use the emulator for free of cost if you want and if you are looking for some extra features too, you can also go for premium version which will only cost you $10.

3. Xamarin TestFlight

Xamarin TestFlight is one of the best emulator used for running the Ios apps on Windows system. It is compatible with Mac and windows and owned by Tech Giant Windows. You can also use the emulator for testing purpose.

It has all the functionality and it comes with a user friendly user interface.

If you are a publisher, and is going to publish an app in the app store, then you can test the demo of the beta app through the emulator before publishing. It also comes with an advanced support.

Since it is a windows Product, developers will keep updating more things in the emulator so that it will become an easy task and you will become comfortable.

Unlike other emulators mentioned in the list, this one is not for free of cost. However, you can buy the premium version emulator by spending only $25 per month.

4. Mobione Studio

Mobione is also a good emulator for accessing the iOS apps on Windows PC. Talking about its interface, it can be used by someone who is not very well aware with the internet and technology.

Mobione Studio

Anyone can use this emulator very easily. It is made on the purpose of serving those people who can not understand complicated things. Although this emulator was stopped due to some reasons few years ago, you can still use it for running the beta apps.

For the testing purpose, this emulator is indeed the best emulator ever. You can use it in Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad.


The list of best iOS emulator can not be completed without mentioning For using this emulator, you need to upload the iOS file or the Android.APK file to start the process.

Uploading can be a difficult task here because it takes more than 20 minutes sometimes when your internet is not helping you out much. But once the uploading is done, you can navigate and use the app very easily. As it is available for free of cost for the period of 7 days, you don’t need to install any other software.

It is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Safari browser and Google Chrome. All you need to do it to sync your iOS app with this software and use it. Generally, there is no lagging or error in this emulator. You can use this cloud based emulator easily.


For using this emulator, you don’t need to install any other software. It can be done by just downloading this emulator only. Since it is an online based emulator, you simply need medium internet speed to integrate along the apps.

It is a most suitable emulator for the beta testers. Through this emulator, you can develop and test the Android and iOS apps from the cloud storage. It is also considered as the best alternative to emulator.

For using this emulator, you need to visit the site, upload the android or iOS app, give your email address so that you can get the app link which is being sent by and once you get it, run the uploaded app.

The conditions of using this tool for free of cost is strange. You can only use this tool for 100 minutes every minute for free of cost. Once you exceed the 100 minutes  bandwidth, you will be paying the charge of $0.05 per minute. If you use it for small terms, it is the best emulator ever.

7. Ripple (PhoneGap)

Talking about a popular iOS emulator Ripple, it is not only a good iOS emulator but also an alternative to the iPad Simulator. It is also made for the testing purposes by the developers and not only the software based.

At Google Chrome Browser, you can get it for free of cost. It is also not a software based one. If you are searching for an emulator which is browser based, then you need to go with Ripple only.

This emulator is often used for making new apps and it is an extension which will be available in Google Chrome Browser.

8. Nintendo 3DS Emulator

If you are looking for an emulator for gaming, Nintendo is the one you can choose. For playing iOS games on windows, Nintendo 3DS is the best choice indeed.

Through this emulator, you can run all types of games including some of the 3D based games as well. Within a short period of time, the company got famous.

It is compatible with multiple operating system including iOS, Mac, Android and Windows of course. We personally recommend this emulator for those who are looking to play the iOS games on their Windows PC. It is also an easy one since it can run high end games easily on Windows even without needing the plugins. So yes, it will be the smart choice.

9. AirPhone Emulator

For using this emulator, you will need to install the Adobe Air on your PC so that you can run AirPhone Emulator easily without any error.

airphone stimulator

If you haven’t used an iPhone ever or you are use to of using the iPhone and loves using it, this emulator would suit you the best as this emulator has copied the GUI of the iPhone and it works very similar to the iPhone and allows almost all the iOS games and apps.

But since you are using this emulator on your desktop, it won’t be possible to get the maximum feel of an iPhone there. However, downloading of this emulator to your PC will make the things easy for you and you can also download all the apps and games easily in your Windows desktop without any issue.

10. SmartFace

Last but not the least, Smartface is an emulator mostly used for developing the cross platform apps only. It is available for free of cost which is indeed a blessing for the users.

If we compare it to the emulator we have mentioned above called iPadian, we would recommend you to use Smartface because it is comparatively better and a smarter choice.

The app also has a paid version of it and you can choose that or simply go for the free ones. If you are a developer, go for the paid ones because it has so many features which will help you to test the iOS apps instantly.

It is compatible with Windows operating system and the paid version’s pricing starts at $99 which might be a costly choice for a random user but definitely a good decision for a developer.

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So here, we have mentioned the top 10 best iOS emulators for PC which you can use easily on your Windows PC and enjoy all the iOS apps and games on your Windows.

We have listed all the basic and necessary information of the emulators we have listed here. You can choose one according to your usage. If you are looking for something else which is not yet covered, please feel free to write to us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Till the time, do download any emulator from the list given above and enjoy the iOS apps on your Windows PC.

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