How to Install Safari on Windows {Complete Guide}

As we all know, Apple always keeps their tools restricted to their products only. Be it the iOS apps and games or an apple safari, everything is limited to the Apple products as of now.

However, there are many people who must have been waiting to use the Apple Safari web browser on their Windows PC.

But the question arises, can it actually happen? Can we use the Safari for Windows? Well, even though there is no direct or official way of doing it but yes, it is still possible.

Generally, it is the developers who can confirm the compatibility of any particular software with the older Safari browser.

So yes, you can actually download, install and successfully run the Safari on your Windows PC. But since the company, Apple discontinued making the Safari browser for Windows many years ago. You can not download the current safari for Windows including all the latest features. But yes, you can easily download the older version, if you want to download Safari for your Windows PC.

As we have told you above, you can not install the latest version of Safari. you will not be getting the current features due to which you might find some potential security flaws.

Safari For Windows

So we really do not recommend this browser to be download by any random user who just wants to surf the internet through the browser.

They may face some unwanted issues. However, for the advanced users, designers, developers or maybe for the compatibility testers, downloading this browser can be useful. As they might need for any particular reason and they can also understand the security and handle the things better.

For those people, the version of Safari which you can download in your Windows PC is 5.1.7 and you can easily install and run it on Windows 7, Windows,8 or Windows 10.

Now before moving towards how to download Safari for Windows, let us understand some basics of Safari including what Safari actually is and what are its features.

What is Safari?

Safari is a high-performance browser developed by Apple Inc. It is very easy and very similar to internet explorer which comes as the default browser on any Windows PC. Similarly, Safari is a default browser for Mac OS X and is also available for Windows user now.

People nowadays need a browser for everything. Thanks to the world which is becoming a techy geek day by day. Be it for shopping online, making online payments or searching anything on the internet, Safari can make all of these things possible without compromising with the security and the safety of the user.

what is safari

This browser comes with the features which give a very close competition to the other browser of the market.

Talking about Safari’s built up, it is decently designed and has managed to keep Apple’s reputation as it is. The interface has kept very easy and user-friendly with a purpose so that anyone can use it without any difficulty.

The browser is compatible with all the devices be it a PC, a laptop, tablet or a mobile phone.

The frame of the browser is a single pixel wide and for viewing the websites, tabs are located at the top of the browser. In this browser, you can surf the whole history search by just adding a single keyword.

You may also like to use iMessage on Windows without charging any cost or completing any survey.

What are the Features of Safari?

It is made like that so that it consumes less time of a person. No wonder, This Browser, Safari is known as the world’s fastest browser which takes hardly some seconds to load the pages.

  1. Safari is indeed way too much faster than chrome and Firefox. Not just these two browsers but it is also the fastest browser of the planet too.
  2. Introducing the DuckDuckGo feature so that no built in option in the search engine track you, Safari also earns the tag of the safest browser ever.
  3. Safari also gives you the protection from the fraudulent sites and also from those sites which contains malware by giving you a warning that the site looks suspicious for some reason.
  4. You can expect the longer battery life with a better performance from this browser as it is built in with energy saving technology and has a super fast JavaScript Engine.
  5. If the audio coming from any site you are surfing is bothering you, you can mute it in this browser no matter from which tag is it coming from.
  6. It also has an AirPlay enabled which allows you to play any video from your webpage to your smart TV. All you need to do is to click on AirPlay and watch them on your TV.
  7. If there are some of your regular sites which you would like to pin so that you can easily access them, you can pin those sites to the homepage of the browser, Safari.
  8. Last but not least, you can also share the link or anything you come across while browsing to your friends via the Share button. It is a rare case for having a browser a share button.

How to Download Safari for Windows PC?

Let us now read the steps of downloading the browser Safari for your Windows PC without any hassle. The steps given are simple and easy. Let’s read.

  1. First of all, go to the Windows PC and open any browser you want. Open the official website of Apple.
  2.  Now simply choose to save the Safari setup.
  3. Once the SafariSetup.exe downloading is done, click on run the installer and then go to the typical windows installer.
  4. Now you need to choose Safari for installing it to the Windows and make sure that you do not make it your default browser mistakenly as it is an older version.
  5. Once it is completed, you can now launch Safari and it will be ready to use the browser now.

Now by using these steps, you will be able to download the browser Safari on your Windows PC. But while using it, you need to remember the fact that this is an older version which is no more into any development.


You might get any safety issues which is not good if you are doing any online transaction or using your personal information. So we would recommend you to not to do anything serious with the browser.

Only the advanced users can use it easily without any issue because they will be using it for any testing purpose for which, they will not be needing such privacy protection. This will be purely used for the testing purpose and for this, it will be a great choice indeed.

So yes, you really should not use the Safari for Windows as a web browser because it will be a threat to you in future. You can, however, use its alternatives which are supported by Windows and can be used easily such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox.

So here we have showed you how to use Safari For Windows and also advised you that you do not need to use it as a web browser on your Windows due to the safety issues. If you have any query or question, then please write to us here.

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